Who we are

Here at Intermedia Solutions, we deliver in every sense. To some, we are a trusted and critical link in the supply chain. To others, we are business partners offering a highly respected portfolio of marketing and distribution solutions. Often we are called upon to find innovative solutions and overcome unforeseen challenges. For many of our clients, we fulfil all of these roles.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete one-stop-shop solution, providing a range of different services tailored to the needs of each and every client. Each of our clients turn to us with unique marketing and distribution needs, but what they all share is the desire to work with a professional, reliable and cost-efficient company that knows its marketplace inside out.

We understand that the ultimate judges of our work are our clients and their audience, whose needs are our first priority in everything we do. Our clients trust in the services of our team of experts and know that we can be relied upon to deliver every time.